There’s really no better way to describe myself than by listing random facts about me.  I would just go on and on if I was asked to talk about myself and to keep from boring people, a list is the perfect way.

1.  I am a Christian.  I grew up in a family of Christians, so I’ve always taken it for granted. I was not a lost soul who suddenly found the light.

2.  I got married on May 26, 2012 to my first and only boyfriend after 6 years of being together.

IMG_42813.  I love music and can play 7 musical instruments. The piano being my favorite and the violin being the least.

4.  I want to finish this book I’ve been writing for years.

5.  People say I’m nice and funny.

6.  I was born, grew up, and live in the Philippines.  I’ve been to Saipan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brazil and Minnesota.

7.  I grew up in the upper middle class of a third world country.

8.  I love kids and I want a baby girl someday.  I love babysitting.

9.  I stole a sticker and an eraser when I was a kid.

10.  I like to go biking, skateboarding, longboarding, rollerblading and ice skating, but I’m super scared of falling.

11.  People think I’m nice but that’s because they can’t read my mind.

12.  I’m scared of dogs and other furry animals.

13.  I hate cockroaches. I get squeamish and I can’t even kill them.

14.  I hate being late.  I’d rather wait an hour for someone than have them waiting for me.

15.  I hate driving manual transmission cars.

16.  I love reading books.  I’ve been reading books since elementary school.  I have just recently joined the ebook bandwagon because I’m trying to save money and space in our tiny townhouse.

17.  I play video games.  Hubby and I like hanging out in the arcades.  I used to be addicted to coin push games…

18.  Hubby and I love watching movies and TV series.

19.  I hate germs and wish that people wouldn’t bring their shoes in the house…

20.  I’m dying.

Ok, I’m kidding about #20.  I didn’t know how to end the list and I mean no offense to people who are really dying.  My prayers go out to you.

Live, Laugh and Love!