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Pearl the Pearlscale Fishy

Dear Diary,

Hubby and I got ourselves a new pet for the house. 🙂 There’s really only one kind of pet that I can take care of, the one that fit my rules of no fur, no sharp nails and no killer teeth…

Meet Pearl the Pearlscale Fishy (yes, I know that I’m not really good at giving my pet names… don’t worry my future daughter and son will fare better…)


Doesn’t she look just adorable? 🙂 Pearlscale Gold fish is a fancy goldfish and is really easy to care for. I’ve had 2 of them before, one of them passed away after 5 years and the other is still at my mom’s house pond… Since our house is kinda small for a pond, I have Pearl in a 5 gallon fish tank. Yes, I’m quite aware of all the forums stating that a gold fish needs at least a 10 gallon tank, but hey I live in a small house so my fish can only afford a small one too… hehe When Pearl gets too big for her tank, maybe I’ll get her a 10 gallon one.

This is my current tank setup:


I have an external hanging filter, because I really like the waterfall feature. The filter works great for the size of my tank and easily cleaned out the murkiness when I first put in the gravel. I also have live money plants, although one of the plants that I bought has rotten leaves which I did not check when the lady put it in the bag, will replace that soon.



For water conditioners, I have Stress Out (which is just a local dechlorinator) and Tetra’s EasyBalance to make sure that the water is clean and fish friendly. One thing that’s super important is to make sure that your water is not just fresh from the tap. It has to meet the requirements which means no chlorine, low nitrate, low phosphate, good ph level and other things that I just read from fish forums. since I have no idea how to do those manually, I just rely on the Tetra EasyBalance to do it for me because that’s what it says at the back of the bottle… hehe



I just hope Pearl lives a long life and will someday meet my future kids… 🙂


Lost Girl

Dear Diary,

I’m always one to roll my eyes when boys make fun of girls with stereotypes… But my flaw really isn’t helping my gender get a lot of points in the direction department…

A map is only as good as its navigator, but how in tarnation am I supposed to follow lines when reality is in 4D?

Then people say, don’t you have apps for that? Sure sure… Do they have one that guides you in the mall?……

My mind works like this:

Ok look, here’s the store you see when you enter from the parking entrance… DON’T FORGET, okay?


Shop shop shop… Oooh look something really expensive that I don’t need… I need it!

Buy buy buy… Oooh look that food that you know you shouldn’t eat… Must eat it!

Eat eat eat… Ok time to go home, text hubby to meet at entrance… Look up. Look to the left. Look to the right… So, which way was it?

Only after walking in circles, I mean literally ending up in the same place I started, does my brain suddenly see “another” escalator that I swear wasn’t there before………….

Same scenario in SG. Met with my sister who visited Singapore and lead her in the mall so we could have dinner. After dinner, she was following me around while I was trying to find a way out…

After walking for a while, she asks if we’re lost, because she swears it’s the second time we’ve passed by a certain boutique. So yeah, after going around in circles and enduring her fiery stares that were burning holes in my back, I finally found the “path” that I swear was not there before…

Getting lost in my role playing games is a good thing because that means you can level up your characters while trying to find the right way… But in real life it doesn’t really do much good to me because I just end up with sore feet…

Karen Jane

Cucumber Salad with Honey and Vinegar

Dear Diary,

My hubby and I don’t often eat food with lots of vegetables…  So to compensate I make a cucumber salad that we can eat with fried food.  I’m not a chef or someone who went to cooking school so I won’t really be able to give you exact measurements or what the process is called.  So, don’t start hating me because I used “simmer” incorrectly… hehe

Google is my efficient alternative to a cookbook which usually leads me to the site:, should that fail to give me what I need, a text to my mom usually solves that problem.

Anyway without further ado, I’ll list the ingredients and the process on how to make this salad.


1 or 2 Cucumbers (depending on the size)

1 red/purple onion (I have no idea what it’s really called, but that’s the color)

2-3 tomatoes (depending on the size)

*you can probably add more vegies to this if you want

1 cup of vinegar (or more)

2 tablespoons of honey

Salt and pepper to taste


What to Do:

  1. Well first you have to wash the vegies…
  2. Peel and cut the cucumber into thin slices.
  3. Cut the tomatoes and take out the seeds (some people like tomato seeds, personally, I don’t and I think that it’ll cause appendicitis because that’s what my mom always says…)
  4. Cut the onion and mix your vegies together.
  5. Pour the vinegar and honey and mix until honey is no longer visible.
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste.


And that’s it!


I Dreamed a Dream

Dear Diary,

Going to the movies has always been our thing as a couple. My hubby and I first met at school which was located on the 4th floor of the mall. In between classes we’d watch movies to pass the time.

Recently, I was able to convince him to watch Les Miserables with me. We both had a great time watching it. It was amazing seeing Anne Hathaway and Samantha Barks sing the songs I love and he liked the revolution part (why am I not surprised?) We both loved Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter’s comic characters. And we both laughed and rolled our eyes at some parts where Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman would sing to themselves what they were thinking in very monotonous songs… I’m still trying to decide if I should buy the OST…

Les Miserables Movie Poster

One time, while I was doing something on the computer, my hubby came over to my side of the room and was trying to distract me by cuddling. Sometimes, when I’m really busy, I tell him to stop it. To which his reaction is always to keep doing it while laughing at my annoyance… So, this time when he wouldn’t stop, I messed up my hair and acted out Anne’s infamous I Dreamed a Dream scene…

Speaking of Anne, there’s this video that has gone viral of Ricky Lo interviewing her and failing to the highest level.

This was the first time I watched one of his interviews and I’ve got to say that he really is not that engaging. He looked like an intern on his first interview and he didn’t have much rapport with her. Some questions were not meant to be asked for international artists to which only a Filipino would know how to answer. To those who can’t get over this cringe worthy issue, might want to watch Manny the Movie Guy’s interview with her to see how it’s done right.

But enough of this nonsense, I’m just hoping that the success of a Broadway show movie adaptation will make an American Idiot movie adaptation happen…

American Idiot - The Musical


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