Dear Diary,

Going to the movies has always been our thing as a couple. My hubby and I first met at school which was located on the 4th floor of the mall. In between classes we’d watch movies to pass the time.

Recently, I was able to convince him to watch Les Miserables with me. We both had a great time watching it. It was amazing seeing Anne Hathaway and Samantha Barks sing the songs I love and he liked the revolution part (why am I not surprised?) We both loved Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter’s comic characters. And we both laughed and rolled our eyes at some parts where Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman would sing to themselves what they were thinking in very monotonous songs… I’m still trying to decide if I should buy the OST…

Les Miserables Movie Poster

One time, while I was doing something on the computer, my hubby came over to my side of the room and was trying to distract me by cuddling. Sometimes, when I’m really busy, I tell him to stop it. To which his reaction is always to keep doing it while laughing at my annoyance… So, this time when he wouldn’t stop, I messed up my hair and acted out Anne’s infamous I Dreamed a Dream scene…

Speaking of Anne, there’s this video that has gone viral of Ricky Lo interviewing her and failing to the highest level.

This was the first time I watched one of his interviews and I’ve got to say that he really is not that engaging. He looked like an intern on his first interview and he didn’t have much rapport with her. Some questions were not meant to be asked for international artists to which only a Filipino would know how to answer. To those who can’t get over this cringe worthy issue, might want to watch Manny the Movie Guy’s interview with her to see how it’s done right.

But enough of this nonsense, I’m just hoping that the success of a Broadway show movie adaptation will make an American Idiot movie adaptation happen…

American Idiot - The Musical