Dear Diary,

My hubby and I don’t often eat food with lots of vegetables…  So to compensate I make a cucumber salad that we can eat with fried food.  I’m not a chef or someone who went to cooking school so I won’t really be able to give you exact measurements or what the process is called.  So, don’t start hating me because I used “simmer” incorrectly… hehe

Google is my efficient alternative to a cookbook which usually leads me to the site:, should that fail to give me what I need, a text to my mom usually solves that problem.

Anyway without further ado, I’ll list the ingredients and the process on how to make this salad.


1 or 2 Cucumbers (depending on the size)

1 red/purple onion (I have no idea what it’s really called, but that’s the color)

2-3 tomatoes (depending on the size)

*you can probably add more vegies to this if you want

1 cup of vinegar (or more)

2 tablespoons of honey

Salt and pepper to taste


What to Do:

  1. Well first you have to wash the vegies…
  2. Peel and cut the cucumber into thin slices.
  3. Cut the tomatoes and take out the seeds (some people like tomato seeds, personally, I don’t and I think that it’ll cause appendicitis because that’s what my mom always says…)
  4. Cut the onion and mix your vegies together.
  5. Pour the vinegar and honey and mix until honey is no longer visible.
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste.


And that’s it!