Dear Diary,

My hubby and I are both gamers. I love RPG and he loves MMORPG.

I fell in love with Role Playing Games (RPG) when my mom and aunt bought my brother a Playstation… It’s basically a game that revolves heavily on the story where a player can develop the character’s level as he progresses throughout the game.

My first RPG game was Final Fantasy 8. And from then on, I was hooked! Currently, I’m still trying to finish Final Fantasy 13… (I know, I’m too slow, but that’s because I don’t play 24/7.) Aside from all the Final Fantasy games, I also love Parasite Eve series, Star Ocean series and Shadow Hearts series.

A woman with a long cape wields a sword. On the right, two figures surrounding a planet is positioned near the center of the Final Fantasy XIII logo. The logo is done in a pastel watercolor style

The 3rd Birthday Cover.jpgSH covenant.jpgFrom The New World.jpgStar Ocean: Second Evolution PSP Front Cover

Here’s a link of RPG titles that you might also like to check out:

Massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) is similar to RPG but as the name implies, it is played online while interacting with other players all around the globe. This is what my husband is into… I tried it once, but didn’t get hooked because I’m a story person, I need drama, action, romance, comedy and a happy ending…  He gave me a list of games that he currently and used to play:

MU Online- Webzen
Digimon Battle
Dragonest – Inactive (Hybernate Mode)
Fly For Fun – Inactive (Hybernate Mode)
Runescape Online 2
Lineage 2 Official – Inactive (Hybernate Mode)
World Of Warcraft – Toxic Wow Server (Private Server) – Inactive Hybernate Mode

Here’s a link of a list of Top MMORPG out there:

And that one game, where you wish you weren’t addicted too… But can’t help but play it… and wait for your life to replenish so you can continue… that one game where you only log in to Facebook to see if you can continue playing…  that game that I have no idea what category it belongs to…  But I like to categorize it as my time-waster…  CANDY CRUSH SAGA!!!! hehe

That’s all for now… gota login to FB now… hehe