Dear Diary,

Last December 21, 2012 my brother got married. Yes, despite all the talk of the world ending on that day and despite the fact that his getting married on the same year as my wedding would cause “sukob” (Filipino superstition), that was the date they picked and frankly we didn’t believe in any of those things.

My brother has always been an individualist who loves indie music and hates anything mainstream with a passion. Only a girl who shared the same interest would probably end up married to him. And that’s exactly what happened.

My sister also took on the job as the unpaid wedding coordinator and I as her assistant. She also coordinated my wedding previously so she volunteered for my brother to make it fair. Plus she works for free so we kind of had no other choice… She just needs to be fed and well let’s just say there are no bridezillas when she’s involved, but you might see a plannerzilla instead hehe… (I finally feel safe saying this because my wedding is over and I no longer have to fear that my souvenirs will be thrown into the pond…)

Alright, on to the details.


The color motif was Salmon Orange or any shade of orange since the couple wasn’t too strict with the attire. The wedding theme is rustic, wooden tables, forest-like surroundings and DIY decorations.


They went with the idea of a DIY wedding invitation. I remember we used to make these in high school. The final look for this invitation turned out to be a flower. They painted BBQ sticks green for the stem. They got this leaf-shaped notepad so they could put the names and tied a ribbon on the sticks to keep the fold together.


Indie. Or as my sister calls it “indie-maintindihan” (Filipino pun for “can’t understand”).
I was in charge of technical set up and music. My brother sent us the music he wanted played during the ceremony. My sister sorted it out and we made playlists for each part of the wedding. Here are some of the Indie songs that we loved:

Write About Love – Belle and Sebastian [YOUTUBE LINK]

Funny Little Frog – Belle and Sebastian [YOUTUBE LINK]

Another Sunny Day – Belle and Sebastian [YOUTUBE LINK]

The Lucky One – Au Revoir Simone [YOUTUBE LINK]

  • this was the song used for the Entourage march

The Way I Am – Ingrid Michaelson [YOUTUBE LINK]

  • this was the song for the Bridal March (my cousin sang it live with her ukulele)

We Are Man and Wife – Michelle Featherstone [YOUTUBE LINK]

Us – Regina Spektor [YOUTUBE LINK]

Nothing But Time – Opus Orange [YOUTUBE LINK]

  • this was the song played when the bride rode the bike to get to the ceremony area

Almost There – Opus Orange [YOUTUBE LINK]

Hippipolla – Vitamin String Quartet [YOUTUBE LINK]

  • this was played during the exchange of vows

Baby, I Love You – The Ramones [YOUTUBE LINK]

The Idea of Growing Old – The Features [YOUTUBE LINK]

Shining Light – Ash [YOUTUBE LINK]

I Feel It All – Feist [YOUTUBE LINK]

Can You Tell – Ra Ra Riot [YOUTUBE LINK]

Walcott – Vampire Weekend [YOUTUBE LINK]

Say Yes If You Love Me – Acid House Kings [YOUTUBE LINK]

Wait – Get Set Go [YOUTUBE LINK]

Betty – Brooke Fraser [YOUTUBE LINK]

Boston – Augustana [YOUTUBE LINK]


Venue&Food: The Lincoln Place, Tagaytay – a very beautiful venue, specially for a rustic themed wedding.

Photo&Video: Fun Pose Photobooth

– They took great photos! We also loved their Photobooth and they agreed to have a photoman (a photographer that would go around and take pictures of the guest making use of the forest-like environment).

Click Here for the Photoman Album

Click Here for the Photobooth Album


The Wedding Band:

We hired our cousins to play a couple of songs for the wedding. They were also the same ones who played in our wedding. They are called… Well, they don’t exactly have a name yet, I guess… hehe All instruments are courtesy of me.


Since this was an outdoor wedding, we decided to give out umbrellas to the guest during the wedding, for when it rained. The umbrellas were a great hit, everybody wanted one. We were going to choose clear umbrellas but when they saw the white with pastel colored ones, they went with that kind instead. There was a point during the ceremony when it started to drizzle and it was amazing to see the guests open their umbrellas at the same time. It was so cute, too bad I didn’t catch it on video though…

IMG_6040 15572_10151321928042460_1337372993_n DSC_5924 DSC_5779-Edit


They also had a booth for tiny pails that you can put soil and seed in it and take it home with you.



My brother wanted a rustic themed wedding with paper flowers… paper flowers everywhere… Not paper flowers that could be bought in a store… Paper flowers that are DIY… So, we had 3 months of making paper flowers and other DIY decorations.

DIY is a cheap and very unique way to decorate a wedding, but it’s not something I would suggest if you don’t have at least 10 people and a year to prepare it for you. A lot of creativity is needed if you want to DIY your wedding.

We made signboards that were spread out all over the venue. We just cut up and glued a border on an illustration board. Painted the border to look like wood. Used different colored chalks for the words and designs.

For the paper flowers, we had to research on the best and easiest way to make paper flowers since we were going to make a lot. We called them pom poms because that’s what they were called in the Youtube video tutorial that we found.

This is the youtube video that we watched for instructions on how to make the flowers:

Here are some pics of the flowers and decorations we made in our house, we initially made demos or “pegs” as my sister liked to call them. Once we were ready with what we wanted, we started mass producing them. Folding and cutting like crazy!

We stayed at the venue, the day before the wedding. The wedding call time was at 10am… So we had to make sure that everything was set up before the guests started coming in the next day. We decided that we wouldn’t open up the bigger pompoms yet because, they would be hard to transport to the venue, so we had to do this the day before. It was a close call but we got everything set up and the wedding started on schedule. 🙂 Again, some pictures of us preparing the day before.

We were a bit tired from the preparation but when everything started coming together and we were starting to see how beautiful the setup looked like, we started to see that everything was really worth it.

Here are some beautiful pictures from the couple’s friends and official photographer:

And just to prove to you how much fun we had, here is the official video created by Fun Pose Photobooth:

And last but not the least, here are the two videos that I created. One is the Behind The Scenes Video and the second one is a Surprise Video for the couple. 🙂 The surprise video has shots of their civil wedding that took place a month earlier and also includes pictures and videos of friends and relatives with messages.

Lots of Love,