Dear Diary,

I wanted to write an entry about my wedding, but I really don’t think I can do it in just one go…  So I decided on making a series of entries.  Let’s start with the details.  Everybody loves the little details that add color to the wedding.

My favorite color since the beginning of time is GREEN.  Only a virus that would affect my ability to see colors would prevent me from having green as my wedding motif…  But having just one color as a motif can get quite boring.  So I needed to pair it with another color.  Black has always been dominant in my everyday wardrobe choice.  (Mostly because black clothes make me look thinner… hehe)

Black dresses in weddings have always been frowned on by the older generation.  “It’s bad luck to wear black!”  That’s what people kept telling me.  Well, first of, I’m not the one wearing black.  It’ll be my bridesmaids.  Second, I don’t believe in bad luck. So there.

Entourage Dresses Inspiration


I asked my sister to choose a design for her Maid-of-Honor dress.  She wanted to wear something like this.  Photo Credit
This is the style I wanted for my flower girl and Jr. bridesmaids. Photo Credit


This is what I wanted the entourage dresses to look like.  Photo Credit

Entourage Dresses

church (741)

My girls: Bridesmaids, Jr. Bridesmaids, & Flowergirl

church (789)

My Maid of Honor/Wedding Coordinator/Annoying Little Sister 😛

church (679)

Parental Guidance: My father, mother and mother-in-law.

The bridesmaids, jr. bridesmaids, flowergirl, maid of honor, mother and mother-in-law dresses were created by Little House.  Eve, the owner, has made dresses for me since college years.

My Wedding Gown Inspiration

When I was planning for my gown, I knew it had to be something I would be comfortable to wear.  I don’t like tube dresses and sleeveless dresses, so that takes away most of the usual designs for wedding gowns.  In 2005, I had to cosplay for the upcoming Narnia movie.  So I had Eve, create a dress similar to what Queen Susan was wearing.  It had to be purple though, because I would also be wearing this dress to a purple themed wedding.  So two birds with one stone right?


Sorry for the grainy picture… Hey it was 2005, I think I just had a 1MP digital camera at that time…

fullybookd (8)

Ok… I think I kind of look like a dork here… This was taken by my hubby who was just my boyfriend of 3-months back then.


At my mom’s friend’s wedding, my purple Narnia dress minus the cape. Escorted by our Pastor Chua.


Photo Credit


Photo Credit

My Wedding Gown

bride (364)

Yes, I wore green chucks… I’m completely hopeless when it comes to high-heels.  My feet hurt quickly and I most certainly didn’t want to trip on my way to the altar… hehe

So that’s the story of my wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.

Lots of Love,