Dear Diary,

You know that feeling when the roller coaster you are riding stops for a few seconds after it has taken you on spins and loops at an extremely fast speed?  If you love thrill rides like I do, then that adrenaline pumping in your veins is making you feel all tingly and excited.

 Anticipating the second part of the ride.  Screaming out loud or in your head.  Having fun and loving it.  Thanking God that you’re not dead. 🙂


Sitting all the way up front to get a better view of everything.  This is Enchanted Kingdom’s Space Shuttle.  I’ve probably been on this ride numerous times and it still never fails to make me smile from ear to ear and show my dimpled cheeks.


My cousins and my sister (the one wearing red).

What happens after?  Just a lot of screaming and laughter.

And here’s hubby and I on Valleyfair’s Renegade Outlaw Coaster.  Yes, that’s hubby’s “thrill ride” face…. Looks a lot like Jackie Chan when he’s hit with a hard object and in pain… And take note, I think that kid at the back is not as thrilled as I am.

Love lots,


**Weekly Writing Challenge**