Dear Diary,

Everyone’s got them.  Here’s mine.


1.  Jeepney drivers who pick up passengers in the middle of the road.  MOVE TO THE SIDE!

2.  Drivers who make a third/fourth lane during traffic and then try to cut back in front of you (who has been patiently waiting in the correct lane) when oncoming traffic forces them to get back to the original lane.

3.  Motorcyclist who just love squeezing next to you without warning.  Swerving here and there.

In the Cinema

1.  Noisy teens.  Geez, we weren’t like that in high school.  What’s happening to teens these days.  Noisy freaking brats.

2.  Parents who bring their kids to watch inappropriate shows. You and hubby might really want to watch this PG 16 movie, but please get a babysitter so you can leave your 6-year-old kid at home…


1.  Know-it-all / arrogant people.  You know who you are.  Go talk to people who give a damn.  Leave me alone.

2.  Politicians who pretend you have amnesia and might forget that he’s a corrupt s.o.b. and ask you to vote for him.  Go to hell. Now na.

3.  Super Sensitive people who can’t take a joke and give meaning to everything you say even when it’s those days when you just feel like spouting nonsense…

4.  People who think that you should know how they feel even when they don’t tell you.  I’m not a mind reader.  Go find an x-man and hang out with him.

5.  Cheaters.  I don’t mean people on diet who have a stash of kit-kats under their pillow.  I mean 2 types of people.

  • Men / women who cheat on their partners with another person.
  • Scammers and con artists

Grammar and Pronunciation

1.  I can accept a little, as long as the sentence is not murdered. 1 or 2 grammatical errors in a sentence is fine.

2.  Jejemons and conyotics.  People who talk/type like this:

From Wikipedia:

  • Filipino: “3ow ph0w, mUsZtAh nA?” translated into Filipino as “Hello po, kumusta na?, translated into English as “Hello, how are you?”
  • English: “i wuD LLyK tO knOw moR3 bOut u. crE 2 t3ll mE yur N@me? jejejejeje!” translated into English as “I would like to know more about you, care to tell me your name? Hehehehe!”

So yeah, I think I’ve listed most of it.  But, hey nobody is perfect.  I’m probably on somebody’s pet peeve list too, under “People who list their pet peeves and think that other people will care.” GUILTY!

hearts and kisses,