Dear Diary,

I’m a big fan of Chuck (TV Series 2007 – 2012).  Yvonne Strahovski plays the leading lady and kicks ass in the show!  She recently played a recurring part in Dexter Season 7 (which I also love watching).

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Lo and behold, as I was browsing her filmography in IMDB.COM, I saw that she also voiced Aya Brea in the game The 3rd Birthday.

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I got addicted to Parasite Eve since it first came out with the Playstation One.  I was so happy when I found that there was a 3rd sequel for the PSP.  And the surprise was that all that time that I was playing it, it was actually Yvonne that I was hearing… Now that I listen back to all the cutscene, I can now imagine that it was Yvonne behind the scenes…

Click the link below to watch Yvonne’s interview about voicing Aya Brea:

*** SPOILERS ***

Do not click on the next link if you have not played The 3rd Birthday and wish to play it in the future, because the link shows cut scenes from the game…

So, yeah. I’m a fan!


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