Dear Diary,

Most Filipino weddings always have something for the guests to take home.  Wedding favors are a way to thank the guests for coming and to let them have something to remember your wedding by.

Traditional favors usually come as a form of a figurine or something that can be displayed on the shelf.  You can go for edible ones, specially chocolates, I love chocolates.  I’ve seen some unique wedding favors from some weddings I’ve attended, like a CD with the couple’s favorite songs, travel-sized bottles with perfumes, personalized golf balls, tiny pails with soil and seed.

For my guests, I was going to go for something edible, so I can buy 100 pcs or more and not spend so much.  The gifts for the principal sponsors was what I wanted to spend money on.  For their gifts I wanted to get the green peas salt and shaker which I saw a friend purchase once for a wedding she was coordinating.  I thought they were really cute and they match the motif color.

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However, I could not find any company here in the Philippines that sold them locally.  I didn’t want to order them from another country because I was just going to get 25 pcs and that was not worth the tax that customs would slap on the order.  So I found another alternative, which are Love Birds Salt and Pepper shakers.  We have an inside joke with the family about love birds that involves hubby’s not so impressive small talk skills, so I was not too depressed about not getting the peas in a pod.  We ordered our salt and pepper shakers from Fab Weddings.

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I just changed the ribbons to make it match the motif.

For the female entourage, I gave out green pocket journals by Elim-Art, with a personalized sticker in the inside cover.  For the male entourage, I gave out pens engraved with their first names.  For my ring and Bible bearer, I gave them white toy cars and my little flower girl gets a small white stuff toy puppy that shakes when you pull the tail.

The wedding was on May, which is the hottest month in the Philippines.  The ceremony was  to be held outside, but we had a tent for when it rained.  However, we couldn’t put any industrial fans in the venue because they didn’t have any.  So I decided to buy native Filipino fans that matched my motif.  I think I visited every Kultura branch they had here in metro manila to get at least 80 green fans.

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I was inviting 110 people to the wedding so I had to make sure there were enough souvenirs to go around.  I was looking in the net for chocolates with personalized wrappers.  I was also thinking about having customized green and black m&ms.  While browsing, I stumbled on music boxes.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of that in the first place.  I love music boxes! I have a few and I just love the sound that it makes and I could stare at the thing for hours just watching the tiny dots hit the keys.

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We got a hand-crank music box that plays La Vie En Rose (which is a famous classic French love song).  Hand-crank is different from the normal wind-up music box.  This one doesn’t play by itself, you have to keep turning the handle for it to keep playing.  We ordered our music boxes from I Do, I Do Wedding Favors, a company from Singapore that delivers around the world.

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I had to change the ribbon again.  I also asked hubby to design a sticker for me.  Printed the design on sticker paper.  I deliberately left the top part visible, because that’s the best part about music boxes.

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When we gave out the souvenirs during the wedding, people were cranking it and listening to the music it played.

The tiny writing at the bottom part of the sticker is:

Ephesians 5:19

New King James Version (NKJV)

19 speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord,