Creative Writing Challenge: 2AM Photo

It’s 2AM and your phone has just buzzed you awake, filling the room in white-blue LED light. You have a message. It’s a photo. No words, no explanation. Just a photo. Tell us all about it. And what happens next.


I vaguely hear the phone chirp and the vibration has awakened me out of slumber. I raise my hand overhead and feel around my pillow for it. With one eye sleepily open, it adjusts to the bright light of the phone and focuses on the screen.


It’s a text message. And it’s 2am. Who the hell is texting me at 2am?

I lazily, slide my thumb to unlock the phone. I almost drop the phone on my face. I grip it harder. I type my birthdate in for the password. The red Wrong Passcode error appears and I try again, too sleepy to be frustrated. It sends me directly to the text message with an attached picture.

What the hell is this?

I click on the picture. It’s blurry. I rub my eyes a bit to clear it and maximize the picture.

Holy shit!

My hand starts to tremble as I realize it’s a picture of me sleeping. I sit up quickly, my heart beating fast. My eyes adjust to the darkness. I clutch the phone tightly to my chest.

I’m afraid to move. I can’t move. I listen carefully for any sound. But it’s hard to hear, as my head pounds to the rhythm of my heartbeat. Is the intruder still here?

My heart is still beating fast but my mind is working now.

My eyes roam the room, my head and body still frozen in place, but I can’t see anything in the dark.

I need light.

Unable to control my mind, images of the latest horror movie I watched starts flashing back to me. I start shaking as I wait for a hand to grab me from the darkness. I clench my fist and tell myself to move.

I scramble out of bed and head to the door of my tiny studio type condominium unit. I grope for the light switch and turn it on. For a second, I expect someone to jump at me. But there’s nothing. There’s no one here but me.

The light has given me confidence. My heart beat slows down a bit. I check the door and see that it’s still locked. Did he lock it after he left? Did he lock it when he came in? Is he still here?

I’m silently thanking God that I went with a Japanese inspired bed and that I didn’t have to check under it now. But my closet was big enough for someone to hide in. He might be in the bathroom. I stare all the way across the room to the door of the bathroom.

I let out a startled scream as my phone suddenly vibrates and a high pitch bell sound fills the room. Crap, it’s just a notification from one of my apps. But the sound makes me remember that I have a phone. I dial the number for the front desk.

I frantically explain in a whispered voice, that there might be someone in my room and that I need help right away. I tell him my room number and I wait, rooted on the spot. I look around for any weapon I could use, just in case the intruder decides to show himself.

All I could find within arm’s reach was a feather duster. I felt relieved when I found a broomstick behind me. As I turn back, my eyes widen to find that the closet door was now open.


Panicking now, I unlock the front door and step out into the hallway. I run wildly towards the elevator. I’m screaming my head off, hoping my neighbors hear me. And I run right smack into someone’s chest. I bounce and fall on my ass. I swing my broomstick like a maniac and I know I’m still screaming, but I didn’t know my eyes were closed, until I feel someone grab the stick and yells at me to calm down. I open my eyes and see the guard crouching in front of me.

“There’s someone in my room! Someone is in my room!” I scream. I know I sound hysterical. But I can’t stop. I just want to scream until my throat hurts.

He radios something to the other guards and helps me to my feet. He tells me to wait here and he heads to my room. He is in front of my unit now, looking in through the open door. He disappears from view as he enters my room.

The elevator dings and the door slides open and more guards step out. One of them stays with me while the others head to my room to help the first guard.

I tell him about the picture I received as text and told him about the closet door. He is writing it all down on his tiny notepad. I’m a little calmer now that I was no longer alone. One of the guards that went into my room poked his head out and yelled that they didn’t see anybody inside.

I followed the guard with the notepad back into my room. I stepped inside and looked around just to make sure. There was no one in the closet; all my clothes were there untouched; I shut the door softly and let out the breath I was holding. There was no one in the bathroom too. There was no one on the balcony. There was no intruder here. I felt relieved.

I gave the guards a shaky smile and told them about the text message. They looked at the picture and took down the number. One of them tried to call the number, but he said he just got a busy tone.

They said they’ll have one of the guards check each floor and look back at the CCTV tapes to investigate if there’s anything that’s out of order. They wanted to know if I was ok and if I needed anything before they left. I told them I was fine.

All alone now in my unit, I sit at the corner of my bed staring at the closet door. I know I won’t be able go back to sleep now. I stare at the message, wondering who could have sent this. I press the call button at the top and press the phone to my ear. I hear it ring on the other end. The phone suddenly drops from my hand as I realize that the ringing isn’t only on the other end of the phone. It’s also coming from inside the closet…


Author’s Note: This is what happens when I stay up late and write a blog entry….. @_@ Thank goodness I’m not alone in the room and that I never sleep with the lights off. 😛 I started writing at 1am and now it’s 4am… I think it’s about time to sleep now. hehe