Dear Diary,

Last Christmas break, my cousins stayed overnight at our house and I decided to make s’mores for them. And one of them asks, “What are those?” So my eyes widen, my jaw drops and I’m speechless… How can they not know what s’mores are??? And then I remember where I first ate them, it was in 5th grade at a sleepover at my friend’s house when we still lived in Saipan. I found out about s’mores from my American friends and it made sense that it might not actually be something kids in the Philippines grew up with.

It’s very very very very easy to make. All you need are the following ingredients:

1. Graham Crackers

2. Hershey’s Chocolate Bars (you can change this to whatever kind of chocolate you prefer but this is the best kind!)

3. Marshmallows

See. Just 3 things. Technically, it’s just a sandwich of graham crackers with marshmallow and chocolate in the middle. Now you can either do it the traditional way and build a campfire and toast your marshmallows there or do what I did and made use of our microwave oven… 1 minute and 30 seconds and the marshmallow gooeyness is just divine! hehe


S’mores at the Minnesota State Fair



IMG_1284IMG_1282 IMG_1289 IMG_1286

And yes, the name s’more is a contraction for “Some More”. You can’t just have one… You’ll want to have s’more!