Dear Diary,

My brother’s wife is one month pregnant now. 🙂  This is supposed to be a secret but since this is my blog and no one really knows exactly who I am… (But if you do happen to be my Facebook friend, then just don’t tell them you read it here… hehehe)

I’m excited to have my first nephew/niece.  At the same time I also wonder when my time will come?

Don’t get me wrong, hubby and I aren’t trying yet.  We have decided not to plunge into parenthood as we try to stabilize our lives first.  So it’s not like we can’t have babies.  It’s more of fear that we may not have enough to provide the life we want our kids to have.  My deadline is at the age of 35, but anyone that finds out about this plan keeps telling me that I’ll be too old then.

I’m torn, because I love kids and my friends have their own mini versions of themselves already.  Sometimes I think that I want to have one now and then I think about the bills to pay and my decision to wait gets reaffirmed…

But I know that as long as I have these doubts then it’s not the right time yet.  At the moment though, I’ve been subscribing to parenting newsletters.  🙂 I know that parenting is nothing like preparing for exams and no amount of what I read will actually prepare me completely when a baby comes, but these articles help a lot too because first time parents need as much guidance as they can get.

But enough seriousness for a while, here’s a strip of my favorite comics ever since I was still in college:

Comic Strip from

Photo Credit:  Baby Blues

Love lots,