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Singapore and a New Me

Dear Diary,

A long long time ago, I used to work in Singapore.  It was my first time to work in a foreign country.  It was the first time to work away from my hubby (who was still my boyfriend back then).

During the year and a half that I was there, I had never been to the big tourist spots until it was a month before it was time to leave.  The only real reason I could think of was that I was never the lonely traveler kind.  I do not find pleasure in seeing a place without being able to share that moment with someone.  It also never occurred to me to ask some of my friends to come with me because well, I just never really felt like it until the month I realized I would be leaving the country and heading to another…

So I crammed Universal Studios in one night.  The Merlion in another.

Then after 3 years or so, I went back again.  This time I only had 2 days and 1 night to enjoy it.  But now I was with my husband.  Missing the place and being able to see it with him was probably why I was seeing Singapore in a new way.  I no longer saw it as the place that kept me away from my family.  It was something that I could share with my husband.

We stayed in Orchard Hotel located in, well, Orchard Road… 😛  We really loved the hotel and the breakfast buffet. Plus it was walking distance to the big malls near Orchard Road.  This hotel is owned by the same company that owns The Heritage Hotel in the Philippines, which we didn’t know then and we wondered why their logo was similar. 🙂

We may not have seen all the tourist spots that Singapore had to offer.  But I was just content to be with my husband in Singapore.  It just feels different this time.

Pics or it never happened! hehe Enjoy!

Kids at Weddings

Dear Diary,

Weddings are usually all about the Bride.  She’s the main actress and the one that should get the most attention.  But darn, those kids can really steal the scene sometimes.  You have the kids that are natural aisle walkers.  You have the ones that need more coaxing in order to get them to walk.  And then you have the ones that need to be accompanied to get them to walk down the aisle.  Of course special mention to those who run away in the wrong direction or just start to cry…

So here’s a collection of pictures I have of kids in weddings. Enjoy!

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Sawatdee Ka!

Dear Diary,

Look, I’m still alive! I know I haven’t been doing a very good job at keeping you posted, but I do try… 😦  It’s just life in the Matrix is really hard to let go sometimes.  (Specially, when it’s the life that pays the bills… hehe)

Oh well, this year, I’m back in Thailand.  I might be here until March or April.  Came here in October with my husband, but he had to go home to the Philippines.  So I’m here all alone and wondering how I was able to keep a long distance relationship with him back in the days…  It’s tough but, technology allows us to communicate daily.

I feel that being apart makes us appreciate each other more.  I can’t really complain because it’s really been a blessing to be here.  To be able to live in a country so similar to mine in more ways than one.  My friend pointed out to me that people we meet here in Thailand, always look like or act like somebody we know back home.  And it’s actually very true.  Weird 3rd dimension kind of thing… hehe

Anyway, that’s all for now.  I’ll be back with more pictures…  Here’s a few to let you know how beautiful this country is. 🙂

Taken at the Ayutthaya, Thailand

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