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14 days… @_@

Today, Anthony and I attended my college friend, Eunice’s, wedding.  🙂  Such a wonderful event. The bride was so beautiful and the gown was really elegant!  Loved the garden reception decors. Got to see my blocmates again.  Gave out my invitations to them as well.  Lots of other blocmates were not able to make it, but hopefully they’ll be able to come to my wedding… 🙂

So at this very moment my biggest problem is losing weight! Haha. I have finally proven that I eat when I’m stressed… Hopefully 2 weeks is enough time to reach my target! X(

Photobooth was fun! Hehe Buti na lang uso na ang photobooth ngayon. I’ll scan and post it here.


See you next time… If I still have time to post hahahah!


Ava Martini

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Lately, ARKARNA’s lyrics keep popping into my head…”So little time, so much to do…”

Yes, 36 days to go!

Invitations came last week and it’s oh so beautiful… can’t wait to distribute it. 🙂  I shall post scanned copies here later.

Finished discussing the layout and details of the Ceremony and the Reception with Raquel, our Account Manager from Paradiso Terrestre.

Completed Food Tasting for the menu on our Buffet.  Wish we could do it again. and again…  Oh my gosh, the FOOD.  IS.  SOOOO. GOOOD.

Bridesmaids and Flower girls dresses are done! THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. 🙂  GREEN AND BLACK.  For the moment, just use your imaginations hehe. I’ll post pix after the wedding.

The Souvenirs are done… We decided to buy something online and have it delivered.  I wanted to design the tags and put them on the souvenirs myself.  (NOTE TO SELF: Next time buy one that’s ready made…)  But I was able to finish them with the help of my mother (who cut the tags and put them on some of the souvenirs.)

Most of everything else that’s important just needs some follow up.  The only thing I think would need some manpower now, would be the ceremony program which we are going to do manually….  @_@

But all this will be so worth it… =_=



I’ve been reading up on requirements and have found these links.  For those who are getting married in the Philippines make sure you go through these links for information on what documents are needed. 🙂

1. Birth certificate (new) – 1 orig & 2 xerox copies
2. CENOMAR (singleness) – issubed by NSO – 1 orig & 1 xerox copy
3. Certificate of Attendance – your lady’s hometown where you’ll be having your marriage seminar -1 orig & 1 xerox copy
4. Barangay Certificate – 1 orig & 1 xerox copy
5. CEDULA – 1 orig & 2 xerox copies
6. For ages 18-24 – appearance of both parents with valid I.D

121 days to go! I sometimes feel like it’s still a long way to go but at the same time I keep thinking if there’s enough time to get everything done… -_-

Anyway, I’m not super stressed because my sister made this “master file” that contains every single detail that will happen from February 1 to May 26, 2012.  (I think it even includes the time for my bathroom breaks… hehe)  So while my sister worries about the little details of my wedding I am busy working on the creative/artsy part of our wedding.

I’m gonna add little details to the wedding that need to be done manually and not store bought…  But that’s fine because I’ve always been the artsy type.  Yesterday I decided to do our Save the Date video because I saw in the “master file” that we were supposed to send it out on Feb 14.  Yes… my sister’s also a hopeless romantic so Valentine’s day is the day that I announce to the people concerned that I’m getting married and they better be there or be square! hehe

If you’ve browsed through this website already then you’ll notice the video in the save the date section.  You’ll also notice the videos in the video gallery.  I used to make those fan based Final Fantasy music videos using windows movie maker and on our 6th month anniversary I decided that I’d give him a music video of our pictures for a gift. After being satisfied with the results, it became my new hobby.  Making music videos of us and mostly of me… hehe

For the our Save the Date, I knew it just can’t be a simple video, so I used  The website let’s you choose a template, is user friendly and let’s you use songs from your own collection.  The only problem is timing.  I have this habit when making my videos that they should match the beat and the timing of the song.  So I had to save it first because I could not see the timing until it was published into a video then I had to make adjustments from there.  I had to re-do it 10x before I got it right. But I am very happy with the results.

The song choice was supposed to be my favorite music by muse “starlight” but when I watched the episode of Glee recently when mr. schue proposed and I heard the song We Found Love, me and my sister decided to use that song instead because we both thought that the song was great! Of course after making the video I did a little research and found out that the original video by rihanna was actually about drugs!!! @_@ errrr.  Oh well, it’s a good thing that I used glee’s version instead of the original one because I didn’t really like the video that rihanna made for that song… oh well….

I guess that’s it for now! Don’t forget to watch the video and enjoy it please because I worked hard on it! hehe

Last Monday, I set up a trial hair and make up with the make up artist that we decided to go with.  I also scheduled the pre-nup pictorials with Kate on that day so that the look would not be wasted but would be captured. 🙂  He showed me 2 hairstyles, one that was an up-do and another that was like a half ponytail.  I liked both of them and we decided that the up-do would be for the ceremony and the half pony would be for the reception since my veil would be off during that time.

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Ok…  So this whole thing about finding the right shade of green for my bridesmaid / flowergirls / sponsors’s dress is really making my head spin.

I’m seeing too many shades of green that I like, but have no idea what they’re names are (because it somehow made it easier for cloth shops everywhere to just number their cloth instead of putting a name on it which is not making it easier for someone like me…)

We went to this store in Festival to check out what kind of green would be used for the dresses.  They didn’t have a lot of selections of the shade but I did see one that I liked best.

I have no idea what this shade is called. And I can’t seem to find a match of this kind of color anywhere in the net.  It sort of looks like a aquamarine but again I’m not 100% sure if that’s it.  But anyway when I saw this shade, I really loved it and I wanted to use this kind of green.  I know it’s not completely green and also hints of having the shade of blue a little dominant, but when I look at it I see green.  I gave a sample of this to my seamstress and hopefully she finds something very similar to this cloth.  This is for both flowergirls and bridesmaids.  The bridesmaids dress will just be the opposite of the flowergirls dress.

Then in the same store I found something a little darker.  Which I’ve decided to use for the Sponsors’ dress.  Now, I’ve decided that they can do whatever design they want with their dress.  And they can also go for whatever shade of green they want (only make sure it’s a darker shade and not the lime, neon or mint green kind).

Then I started talking to my cousin (the one who just got married recently).  She mentioned that the color of her dress in one of her pre-nup pics was an emerald green.  I really loved that shade that she wore and realized that most of my green stuff are actually similar to that shade.  But since i had already decided on the colors for the dress, she gave me an idea that at least all my other decorations should be in a shade that really stands out, hence the emerald green. 🙂  Which sounds really good because since it’s also my favorite shade, then my wedding pictures will also see lots of that color.

So far in the research that I’ve done, I’ve pinpointed that my favorite colors range from these kinds of green:

kelly green
sea green
emerald green
spring green
and mint green

and for the ones that I hate the most:
apple green, neon green and olive green

=_= aVa

Last week, I played the role of a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding.  I had the gown fitted around August and I was so worried that come the time I picked it up it would not fit me.  So late November I went to get my gown and by some form of miracle it fit me just fine.  It was a little hard to zip and slouching when sitting was not an option.  @_@

I had two weeks to go on a crash diet just to make sure the beads would not “accidentally” pop and hit someone in the eye when I sit down.

After my crash diet, I put on the gown again and it was easier to zip and I could sit comfortably in it. YEY!

My gown was HOT PINK and it looked lovely.  I don’t own anything pink except nail polish…  I always thought that pink doesn’t fit my personality much…  But when I saw the hot pink gown I will be changing my wardrobe colors when I next go shopping!  The color was really pretty to stare at and it’s not like baby pink that’s too girly.

On the day of the wedding I went to the hotel where they were staying at to get my hair and make up done. My cousin looked like a princess with the hair and make up they did for her.  I “ahem” wasn’t far from looking like one as well. ;P

Their wedding venue was at Fernbrooks and I’ve got to say that they do deserve to put up such a high fee for renting their place because it was jaw-dropping beautiful!  We were almost late because from the hotel to Fernbrooks we ran into an hour long traffic.  But we made it just in time because the previous wedding ceremony was extended and had just ended.

The whole time I was there I was also imagining how my wedding would be.  I am so happy for my cousin with her beautiful wedding and being a beautiful couple that I also couldn’t wait for my day.  On that day, I was just a supporting actress.

She told me the preparation was going to be stressful but it was worth it when the big day came.  So I shall have 5 more months before I can experience this.  AND. I. CAN’T. WAIT!

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I’m getting married in 6 months.  Right now I’m in the neutral gear because I’ve already reserved what I needed 2 months ago and I’ve decided to change gears by December.  Then I can go into bridezilla mode. Hehe

There’s one thing that’s bothering me though.  Do I need to change my signature? My signature is my full name in cursive, very tiny and cute if you ask me…  It took me years to perfect that signature. It took me pages of doodles to get that right. Now it seems that I’m gonna have to create a new one.  Oh well… Back to the drawing board!

My mom and I had a get together dinner last Saturday with Anthony, his mother and his sister.  We ate at our favorite restaurant, Sis at Seaside.  When I heard about plans for “pamamanhikan” I was hesitant at first.  I thought it was a bit old fashioned to have to go through it and wondered if it was something superstitious because I don’t really like to perform in superstitious events… But Anthony cleared it up with me that “pamahiin” was what I was thinking about… O_o

Before we headed to the restaurant, I was feeling a little nervous thinking that I’d be in for a night of awkward silence…

Fortunately, the dinner date went fantastic!  Not only did my mom and mama get along well, there was not an ounce of dead air that night.  There were lots of LOL moments.  The food was great as well.  I really do recommend people to eat there if you’re craving for Filipino seafood dishes.  I’m not sure if the other restaurant’s there are good but Sis is where we’ve always eaten.

Here’s our picture, taken by Anthony’s little sister.

I love the color green.  Being put in a position to choose which green to use for my wedding party’s dress made me realize that it’s hard to pinpoint which shade I wanted.  I know for sure which shade I don’t want, and that’s neon and apple green.

I went to the mall today to pick out the cloth I would use as samples to show my seamstress.  I decided to drop the idea of going to Divisoria to find cheap cloth because I’d rather choose comfort and a little more expensive than stressful but cheaper.

At the store, I saw different shades of green.  I saw about 4 types that I liked!!!  So I got samples of those greens and have decided that bridesmaids will get a lighter shade of green so it’ll pop out when paired with black.  Flower girls get the aquamarine or blue/green since I really l love that shade.  The ninangs get a darker blue green shade.  I’m still debating with my sister with the lighter shade of green.  Because she’s leaning more towards getting a darker but still lighter than the blue green shade.  If we find one that’s better than the light green shade then I might agree with her, but for now I’m content with the mint.

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