Our wedding rings are here and ready to go!!!

We picked up the rings at AMI Jewelry last Friday at Greenhills.  Of course we got lost in the mall because it’s a very big mall and the information centers are as useless as google when there’s no WIFI….

But once we saw the rings and fit them, I had almost forgotten how beautiful they were…  It’s not an expensive ring. Plus we got it at 40% off so what was inexpensive became cheaper.  But it’s still beautiful and simple.  (I’ll post pics after the wedding only…)

It’s not a plain gold wedding band.  We chose one that’s tri-color, it’s got yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.  It has a design on both the yellow gold and rose gold parts.  We had it engraved with 9-05 A & K 5-12. The numbers are the months and years of our anniversaries when we first became a couple and our pending wedding anniversary.  We didn’t want to drop the date that we’ve been celebrating for 6 years now.

🙂 🙂 very very excited. I keep fitting the ring on my finger and I want to wear it all the time but I can’t!!! haha. oh well… guess I’ll have to be patient for a couple more months.

That’s all for now….