I love the color green.  Being put in a position to choose which green to use for my wedding party’s dress made me realize that it’s hard to pinpoint which shade I wanted.  I know for sure which shade I don’t want, and that’s neon and apple green.

I went to the mall today to pick out the cloth I would use as samples to show my seamstress.  I decided to drop the idea of going to Divisoria to find cheap cloth because I’d rather choose comfort and a little more expensive than stressful but cheaper.

At the store, I saw different shades of green.  I saw about 4 types that I liked!!!  So I got samples of those greens and have decided that bridesmaids will get a lighter shade of green so it’ll pop out when paired with black.  Flower girls get the aquamarine or blue/green since I really l love that shade.  The ninangs get a darker blue green shade.  I’m still debating with my sister with the lighter shade of green.  Because she’s leaning more towards getting a darker but still lighter than the blue green shade.  If we find one that’s better than the light green shade then I might agree with her, but for now I’m content with the mint.