My mom and I had a get together dinner last Saturday with Anthony, his mother and his sister.  We ate at our favorite restaurant, Sis at Seaside.  When I heard about plans for “pamamanhikan” I was hesitant at first.  I thought it was a bit old fashioned to have to go through it and wondered if it was something superstitious because I don’t really like to perform in superstitious events… But Anthony cleared it up with me that “pamahiin” was what I was thinking about… O_o

Before we headed to the restaurant, I was feeling a little nervous thinking that I’d be in for a night of awkward silence…

Fortunately, the dinner date went fantastic!  Not only did my mom and mama get along well, there was not an ounce of dead air that night.  There were lots of LOL moments.  The food was great as well.  I really do recommend people to eat there if you’re craving for Filipino seafood dishes.  I’m not sure if the other restaurant’s there are good but Sis is where we’ve always eaten.

Here’s our picture, taken by Anthony’s little sister.