Last week, I played the role of a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding.  I had the gown fitted around August and I was so worried that come the time I picked it up it would not fit me.  So late November I went to get my gown and by some form of miracle it fit me just fine.  It was a little hard to zip and slouching when sitting was not an option.  @_@

I had two weeks to go on a crash diet just to make sure the beads would not “accidentally” pop and hit someone in the eye when I sit down.

After my crash diet, I put on the gown again and it was easier to zip and I could sit comfortably in it. YEY!

My gown was HOT PINK and it looked lovely.  I don’t own anything pink except nail polish…  I always thought that pink doesn’t fit my personality much…  But when I saw the hot pink gown I will be changing my wardrobe colors when I next go shopping!  The color was really pretty to stare at and it’s not like baby pink that’s too girly.

On the day of the wedding I went to the hotel where they were staying at to get my hair and make up done. My cousin looked like a princess with the hair and make up they did for her.  I “ahem” wasn’t far from looking like one as well. ;P

Their wedding venue was at Fernbrooks and I’ve got to say that they do deserve to put up such a high fee for renting their place because it was jaw-dropping beautiful!  We were almost late because from the hotel to Fernbrooks we ran into an hour long traffic.  But we made it just in time because the previous wedding ceremony was extended and had just ended.

The whole time I was there I was also imagining how my wedding would be.  I am so happy for my cousin with her beautiful wedding and being a beautiful couple that I also couldn’t wait for my day.  On that day, I was just a supporting actress.

She told me the preparation was going to be stressful but it was worth it when the big day came.  So I shall have 5 more months before I can experience this.  AND. I. CAN’T. WAIT!