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Ok…  So this whole thing about finding the right shade of green for my bridesmaid / flowergirls / sponsors’s dress is really making my head spin.

I’m seeing too many shades of green that I like, but have no idea what they’re names are (because it somehow made it easier for cloth shops everywhere to just number their cloth instead of putting a name on it which is not making it easier for someone like me…)

We went to this store in Festival to check out what kind of green would be used for the dresses.  They didn’t have a lot of selections of the shade but I did see one that I liked best.

I have no idea what this shade is called. And I can’t seem to find a match of this kind of color anywhere in the net.  It sort of looks like a aquamarine but again I’m not 100% sure if that’s it.  But anyway when I saw this shade, I really loved it and I wanted to use this kind of green.  I know it’s not completely green and also hints of having the shade of blue a little dominant, but when I look at it I see green.  I gave a sample of this to my seamstress and hopefully she finds something very similar to this cloth.  This is for both flowergirls and bridesmaids.  The bridesmaids dress will just be the opposite of the flowergirls dress.

Then in the same store I found something a little darker.  Which I’ve decided to use for the Sponsors’ dress.  Now, I’ve decided that they can do whatever design they want with their dress.  And they can also go for whatever shade of green they want (only make sure it’s a darker shade and not the lime, neon or mint green kind).

Then I started talking to my cousin (the one who just got married recently).  She mentioned that the color of her dress in one of her pre-nup pics was an emerald green.  I really loved that shade that she wore and realized that most of my green stuff are actually similar to that shade.  But since i had already decided on the colors for the dress, she gave me an idea that at least all my other decorations should be in a shade that really stands out, hence the emerald green. 🙂  Which sounds really good because since it’s also my favorite shade, then my wedding pictures will also see lots of that color.

So far in the research that I’ve done, I’ve pinpointed that my favorite colors range from these kinds of green:

kelly green
sea green
emerald green
spring green
and mint green

and for the ones that I hate the most:
apple green, neon green and olive green

=_= aVa