Reblogged from my wedding website:  May 12, 2012 07:51 AM

14 days… @_@

Today, Anthony and I attended my college friend, Eunice’s, wedding.  🙂  Such a wonderful event. The bride was so beautiful and the gown was really elegant!  Loved the garden reception decors. Got to see my blocmates again.  Gave out my invitations to them as well.  Lots of other blocmates were not able to make it, but hopefully they’ll be able to come to my wedding… 🙂

So at this very moment my biggest problem is losing weight! Haha. I have finally proven that I eat when I’m stressed… Hopefully 2 weeks is enough time to reach my target! X(

Photobooth was fun! Hehe Buti na lang uso na ang photobooth ngayon. I’ll scan and post it here.


See you next time… If I still have time to post hahahah!


Ava Martini