Dear Diary,

I’m at the airport again. Leaving behind my hubby, my family, my relatives and my house. Off to the foreign country, that I work in.

I have been doing this since 2009… I should be used to it, right? Wrong…

I can’t turn off the feeling of loneliness washing over me… Especially after the holidays.

People back home dread going back to work after the long holiday. Now imagine going back to work in a far away place…

Back in 2009, my very first foreign country to work in was Singapore. I went home for the first time after 6 months. I had 4 days in the Philippines… As you can guess, 4 days are not enough. But it was better than not being able to go home at all for years.

It was my first time of leaving people behind after coming home from overseas, so I couldn’t hold back my tears…

Now, my tears are controllable as long as I distract myself. But the loneliness is still there.

So here I am, at a cafe, waiting to board my plane. Heading back to a foreign country. Alone… And not knowing when my next visit back here will be.