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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

A play of colors from my favorite cousin and from my kois.



He wanted me to jump in


Pearl the Pearlscale Fishy

Dear Diary,

Hubby and I got ourselves a new pet for the house. 🙂 There’s really only one kind of pet that I can take care of, the one that fit my rules of no fur, no sharp nails and no killer teeth…

Meet Pearl the Pearlscale Fishy (yes, I know that I’m not really good at giving my pet names… don’t worry my future daughter and son will fare better…)


Doesn’t she look just adorable? 🙂 Pearlscale Gold fish is a fancy goldfish and is really easy to care for. I’ve had 2 of them before, one of them passed away after 5 years and the other is still at my mom’s house pond… Since our house is kinda small for a pond, I have Pearl in a 5 gallon fish tank. Yes, I’m quite aware of all the forums stating that a gold fish needs at least a 10 gallon tank, but hey I live in a small house so my fish can only afford a small one too… hehe When Pearl gets too big for her tank, maybe I’ll get her a 10 gallon one.

This is my current tank setup:


I have an external hanging filter, because I really like the waterfall feature. The filter works great for the size of my tank and easily cleaned out the murkiness when I first put in the gravel. I also have live money plants, although one of the plants that I bought has rotten leaves which I did not check when the lady put it in the bag, will replace that soon.



For water conditioners, I have Stress Out (which is just a local dechlorinator) and Tetra’s EasyBalance to make sure that the water is clean and fish friendly. One thing that’s super important is to make sure that your water is not just fresh from the tap. It has to meet the requirements which means no chlorine, low nitrate, low phosphate, good ph level and other things that I just read from fish forums. since I have no idea how to do those manually, I just rely on the Tetra EasyBalance to do it for me because that’s what it says at the back of the bottle… hehe



I just hope Pearl lives a long life and will someday meet my future kids… 🙂


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