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Addicted to Zombies

Dear Diary,

Since 28 Days Later, I’ve been gobbling up anything related to Zombies… Movies, TV Shows, Books, Comics…

I definitely, don’t believe that the dead will come back to life as soulless creatures hungry for flesh and blood. I believe in heaven and hell. And even with my addiction to this genre, that has not in any way changed my belief that everyone dies. And people wake up either in heaven or in hell…

However, I am open to the idea of a virus that will infect mankind that will make them zombie like while they are still alive…. Just like the plot for 28 Days Later.

That is definitely possible in my mind. There’s just too many people out there with warped ideas that could eventually wipe us all out…

But anyway, even if that happens soon, in the near future or never, I have a peace of mind that I know where I’ll end up anyway.

Which is why I can read these zombie books and not turn into a paranoid, zombie-proof-my-house, nutball…

I really just find that I like reading how people cope with situations that seem really hopeless… How in most books, there’s always a hero who has been through the loss of someone they love, but still find a way to survive. A hero who may not always act like one… And of course I like the thrill of the zombie encounters and how they get out of it alive or not… I read Dean Koontz and Stephen King books… So you can kind of imagine why I like the macabre stories…

It’s like reading a book and you feel good that your favorite character is still alive. But alive in a world that is not a place you would like to still be alive in… Where the happy ending leaves you with a feeling of sadness.  I honestly would not know how I’d fare in a zombie world. I’d probably get killed really fast because:
1. The only sport I’m good at is Ping Pong… And well, I don’t think I’d be able to kill a zombie with a table tennis paddle…
2. The only weapon I know how to wield is using my PS3 controller to get multiple combos with my characters weapon…

Anyway,  for those who are zombie addicts like me here are a few things that I’ve seen and read (Note: I only recommend a few on the list, mostly the first ones listed… hehe):


28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Dawn of the Dead (and the other remakes), Quarantine, Resident Evil (and the other sequels), Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, World War Z, Warm Bodies, REC, Quarantine 2, The Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead


The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead


World War Z, Warm Bodies, The New Hunger, The Zombie Survival Guide, The Enemy (series), Day By Day Armageddon (series), The City (series), Feed (series), The Hallows (series), Hater (series) and Ashes, Plague of the Dead


Movie Review: Dark Skies

Dear Diary,

I’ve watched three new movies last week and yesterday.  One was a local Filipino Romantic movie, which I was able to drag my husband to watch with me.  I don’t often watch Filipino movies (I probably watch one movie a year, at most 2 I think , last year…)  but I wanted to watch It Takes a Man and a Woman, because I found the trailer funny.  And was really glad that I enjoyed the movie, it had its funny moments and might have gone overboard with some cheesy love scenes, but no so much that it ruined the whole thing.

Then we watched a James Mcavoy movie called Trance.  I do not want to talk about it.  I did not like it.  Yes, I understood the plot.  If not for James’ dreamy eyes, I would not even mention that I watched the movie… Some people liked it, but I just thought it was too slow.  So moving on.

Dark Skies movie poster

Photo Credit: Wildaboutmovies.com

We watched Dark Skies yesterday.  It’s a thriller about a family experiencing strange events in their life and discovering that those behind it are not from earth.  I’m a big fan of alien shows and movies (although, not necessarily believing in it), I got addicted to the X-Files when I think I was just 13 and was fascinated by shows that share similar themes. I didn’t know that Dark Skies was about aliens though and was pleasantly surprised to find that this horror movie was not about monsters or anything paranormal but from extraterrestrial beings…

A lot of jumpy moments due mainly because of the music and sound effects that give a big bang when it wants to scare you.  And if you happened to have been in the cinema during the time I was watching, then I admit that it was me that screamed during that scene.  Yes, that was my shrill high pitched scream that you heard…


From wildaboutmovies.com

STARRING: Keri Russell, Dakota Goyo, Josh Hamilton (not the baseball player),
DIRECTED BY: Scott Charles Stewart
STUDIO: Dimension Films
RATING: PG-13 (For violence, language, adult themes)
DARK SKIES Official Website: www.darkskiesfilm.com
DVD Release Date: TBD


If you like thrillers and horror movies then I recommend that you watch this movie in the cinemas.  There’s nothing like watching horror in the cinemas instead of at home with people who don’t take the movie seriously and ruin the fun and thrill of jumping and screaming at just the right moments.


Added to my 2013 List of Movies

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