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No Music, No Life

Dear Diary,

Hi.  I have not forgotten you.  I have been busy.  Ok, maybe more like lazy.  I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  I’m back at least.  I can update you on what’s happened so far in my life.

I’m still here in Thailand.  Got extended until September.  Unless something changes in between and may need to be sent home sooner.

Hubby is still back home at the Philippines, but I go home to visit 1 weekend every month.  Last April, he was here the whole month to visit.

I thought I would be back home by End of June, so my last trip home, I brought home my mic and guitar… I thought life would be boring on the weekends now because all I had was my iPad to make music with.  It’s not the same when you press buttons to get the chords…

Then last month, after going through my facebook feeds, I saw some videos of Jessie J having a duet with other people via an application called Smule.

I remember back in the Glee days, I used to have an app called Glee! Smule.  I used to sing and record songs from Glee using that app.  Then forgot about it for some time.

Then these floating videos reminded me of it.  Unfortunately, the Glee app was already gone, only the Smule main App still existed, I had 2 recordings but those sucked. haha 2 years ago I did not sing that well…

Granted, I don’t really sing extraordinarily.  Not in any way that would get me in The Voice audition. But I’m in tune. And I have some talent with harmonizing.

I think reactivating my account in Smule, is making me a better singer though. Singing with strangers is fun.

If you ever feel the need to drop by and have a listen here’s a link:  http://www.smule.com/ava_martini

Love lots,



Dear Diary,

I have a new hobby… Ever since I saw this video:


I have become addicted to Electronic Dance Music (EDM). This is pretty ironic for someone who does not like dancing…

It started out with me buying EDM songs in itunes that I thought were nice… Then watching videos of people making EDM. And consistent with my personality of a frustrated musician, I just had to try it.


I don’t have any hardware or computer softwares yet. I need a good digital audio workstation (computer software for editing audio). I need a synthesizer (looking for AKAI MPK Mini MII whichis compatible with iPad). And I need lots of drum samples.

As I have none of the above yet, I settled for what I did have. Garageband app in my iPhone. So here it is… My first EDM.


Garageband App for iOS.


Handmade Tales

From the dailypost.wordpress.com – Automation has made it possible to produce so many objects — from bread to shoes — without the intervention of human hands (assuming that pressing a button doesn’t count). What things do you still prefer in their traditional, handmade version?


Music is still best when it’s “handmade”.  No autotune.  No after effects.  No electric instruments.  Just purely acoustic.

Original Song – The Show by Lenka

My friend Wanna from Thailand is playing the Ukulele and I am playing a Guitarlele.

Lots of Love,



My Wedding Details – Music

Dear Diary,

The key to heightening emotion during an event is the music. When I watch a movie, my goosebumps appear when the music is right for the scene. The right timing of having music and silence is the key. Of course it helps that the actors are also great. But even with great actors, the wrong music can often block the right emotion from coming out completely.

The same goes for weddings. The music you play also shows what you are into. My brother, who is into indie music, had us play only that (with the exception of Gangnam Style because that was the rage and kids that wanted to dance, only wanted to dance to that song… go figure…)

If you have that extra money, go ahead and hire a band, a choir, an orchestra, a DJ, a harpist, Alvin and the Chipmunks or whatever floats your boat. But if you have spent as much as you can spend and can no longer dig deeper into your pockets, just do what I did. Plug your laptop into the venue’s sound system and voilà!

Unlike my brother, my musical taste had a wider range. I was not stuck on one genre, although, I still have a hard time accepting rap music… So my playlist catered to different styles. I had songs from video games, songs my mom likes, modern pop, emo, punk, indie, and hip hop or dance or whatever that genre is called.

In the wedding ceremony, the most important parts to have the right music are during the entourage entrance and the bride’s entrance. You also have to think of the music you want played during the ingress (when guests start to arrive.) Some solemn parts of the ceremony might need some music, but not all parts so the guests can focus on what is being said.

I was searching youtube for a choir like group that sang modern songs and discovered, Scala & Kolacny Brothers. Which is a Belgian women’s choir, conducted by Stijn Kolacny and arranged and accompanied by Steven Kolacny on the piano. Their songs are what I played during the ingress. Their voices are just divine, see a sample video below.

For our brother’s wedding, we discovered Vitaman String Quartet that played a cover of the song Hoppipolla, which is a song by Icelandic band Sigur Rós. We were going to play this song during the exchange of vows and we didn’t want the lyrics to get in the way of their exchange. You can watch the video below of this beautiful cover by Vitamin String Quartet.

In my best friend’s wedding, she had the entourage march to the Superman theme and it was fun when I recognized the song. For our wedding, I went with the piano versions of songs from Final Fantasy 8, and 9 by Nobuo Uematsu which are songs from my favorite video games of all time.

Final Fantasy 8 – Ami

Final Fantasy 9 – Melodies of Life

For the Bridal Walk, I really wanted to play Canon Rock (which I became obsessed with when I first heard it, I even made hubby learn to play it on his electric guitar)… But I thought the solemnity of the event would be broken if I played the rock version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. So I went with just the orchestra version, which is still a beautiful piece and one of my favorites, even though I know it’s been played in most weddings and is almost a cliche.

If you have friends or family who can sing, you can also ask for special numbers from them. 🙂 My bestfriend, had us sing in her wedding, we chose to perform, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. And because, I’m kind of vain, here’s a video of one of our practices. (I’m the one playing the keyboard.)

For our wedding, I had my cousins be the wedding band. 🙂 I gave them 10 songs to practice and they were able to perform 7 of those during the wedding.

reception (59)

church (362)

And last but not the least, if you feel confident enough, why not perform in your own wedding? 🙂 That’s exactly what we did. Hubby and I used to jam together when we were still dating. So we practiced our favorite song and performed it during the wedding. Forgive, the shakiness of my dad’s hands as he takes the video. And also forgive my awkward self for being awkward…

Green Day – Time of Your Life (Cover by A&K)

Lots of Love,


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